Glastonbury Calling

So one morning I woke up and checked my phone as usual.
I got an email from a woman I don’t know, asking whether I sell Glastonbury poster designs that I posted here last year. Those designs were part of the layout design assignmentfor my Design course at RMIT. She saw it online and loved it.

I was so overwhelmed because I’ve never been contacted by a client before. And I’ve never sold any of my designs. I mean, I did design some logos and corporate identity for some business, but there’re my friends. They gave me their stuffs in return of the fabulous service. So I’ve never really been paid in “the actual” money before.

So, yeah, you can imagine me dancing alone in my PJs holding a phone.


This is the one she liked. So I developed more of the design elements and added some info into it.


 After a few edits, voila.


My final poster.


After working on several designs for Glastonbury, I feel like I bloody have to go there. Let’s hope I get to go there before I’m too old for mud, boots, tents, and noisy good music.

Save Your Money. Save Our Earth.

Hello there

In the video class, I was given brief to make a stop motion containing any kind of social agenda that we’re interested in. So I came up with the idea of making an advertisement raising awareness of environmental issues – to be specific, encouraging people to use reusable water container instead of buying plastic bottled water.

In Thailand we don’t drink tab water because apparently we feel that it’s not drinkable, in terms of cleanness. But I’m quite happy with the quality of the tab water in Australia. I always carry my drinking bottle and fill up water at school to save cost from buying bottled water everyday. And I believe that it’s one way to reduce the amount of plastic consumption, as it has become a very big issues nowadays.

The Production

Stop Motion Storyboard

I got an idea of having the plastic bottles following people around wherever they go – as a way to portray how plastic bottle would be over consumed if we keep on buying bottled water everyday.

After I got my storyboard planned out, it’s time for the production to start.

I used cut-out papers as the set up scenes and used plasticine as my character.  Different sizes had to be made to create depth to the the scene, especially in train station shots.

character designPhoto 23-05-13 19 48 10


StopMotion present

I had problem setting the camera with iStopmotion. So I shot the stop motion using my s95 canon and then imported the photos into iStopmotion afterwards. But the light errors occurred when I exported the video out. The colours were washed out unexpectedly. I was advised later on (during the presentation) that iStopmotion is a good program for capturing and arranging the shots. But if you’re shooting it using an outside camera, it’s better to arrange the stop motion in After Effects. So basically, I learnt that hard way.

The other thing that we had to include in our stop motions is lip-sync.

lip sync

In class, we practiced making plasticine lips for each sound. My voice actor spoke pretty fast. So, in my stop motion, I used just a few lips that are quite dominant, and broke down in Flash using the exposure sheets. The video and sound were edited in Final Cut Pro x.

Special thanks goes to Mark Vera, wonderful voice actor.
: )

SAFE : Short Film

Our minds are not the safest place.






I had an opportunity to make one short film with friends from school.

Our assignment was to write a script for 2 mins short film, shoot it and edit it. That sounds simple. But it wasn’t really that simple, especially for me who doesn’t know anything about the camera adjusting at all.

Our challenge was to make our own different version of the script we agreed to shoot. We had to come up with our own the storyboards. An then we had to determine how we were gonna shoot it by putting all our storyboards and shot lists together. Actors, location, costumes and set design are some other thing we need to work out. Since we don’t have budget to buy the real costumes so we had to make it ourself. We bought the fabric and I sew them.


The story is about a man waking up in his room later finds out that he’s, in fact, a mentally-illed patient in a holding institute.

We agreed to use my apartment as a location for shooting.






Because we didn’t have the camera, we had to borrow it from school’s equipment room which only allows us just 1-2 days to use and then we had to return it. So there was not enough time for each one of us to get the perfect shot we wanted. And having to shoot 4 different versions of the film – according to our own altered script – was quite complicated than I thought because we had different props in our scenes, different camera angles, different face expression, etc.

Originally, the story takes place in a studio room. The character never leaves his room. He is fed by someone shoving a food tray through a pet flap door.

But we have problem finding a room with such door. Dileepa, one of the team suggested that we can use CG by using green screen. But since the editing must be done individually, I chose not to go with the CG solution which I know nothing of. So in my version, a nurse had been added to the scene where he gets his breakfast. I happened to think that this addition also enhances the content of the story by letting the audience know where the character actually is. And it is the same reason I added the pan shot to reveal other patients in the living room.

There are some shots that we can use the sound in the film. But mostly we shot the film and then we recorded the sound later. So basically, we had to do sound design afterwards ,which to be honest, I kinda liked doing it.

There are 4 version of our film.

Mine is called SAFE.
Sharin’s called LOST.
Vanessa’s called DARREN’s WORLD.
And Dileepa’s called MY NAME IS DARREN.

I decided to put their version here as well because I think it would be fun watching the same story being told differently through the lens. I’m still missing one version by Dileepa, though. But here they are.

I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I do.
: )





: )

Bubble Pop Surprise : Animation in Progress

Ah, finally new semester starts. I’m a 2nd year student now.
This semester we have to create a 20sec 2D animation using frame by frame technique. We’ll be working with 25 frames/second so that means we have to draw 500 frames. That’s a bit hardcore, don’t you think? But we’re no Disney’s studio so just 250 frames top would be okay.
And oh yeah, I am so plan to draw lesser than that.

we were given a sound clip of 20sec length, just some random sounds put together. And we have to match the sounds to our animations.
Mine starts with some kind of boiling sound. So I had an idea of drawing some kind of laboratory tubes with the substance boiling inside the tubes.

I’ve only done character and set design and some animation exposure sheets.
Still in progress, but I think I might put up a few sketches here a lil bit.




Will update once it’s finished : )

The Facade of Oz


In the second semester of my first year, I was given brief to make a short illustrated motion selected from a scene in any children’s tales. The motion has to be adapted into ‘adult version’, my teacher said. I think what he actually meant was to make it ‘horrified’ or ‘violent’. He loves to see blood, people fighting, people trapped in brick walls of insanity. He’s fed on our horror. He lives in the deepest darkest of the school building. He lives in our twisted minds.

Anyways, he’s a good decent man.

I chose to make an adaptation of ‘The Wizard of Oz’, the part where Dorothy, Tin Man, Scarecrow and Lion went into the Emerald city to meet Oz but finally found out that he was, in fact, an ordinary man. But I wanted to take it up to another level, by turning it in to sci-fi.

There had to be at least 3 characters in this assignment. So I had to take out Scarecrow and only work on the 4 left, which are Dorothy, Tin Man, Lion and Oz.

Dorothy Body Lion TinMan Captain Oz_BodyFirst, I needed to plan the story board; how to convey the story, how the camera moves, how to cut through scenes, and more importantly, how to animate. I had to plan the face expression. For example, if I’m having Dorothy looking around the room, I had to separate her eye balls from her body, putting them in a different layer, so I can animate the eye balls without effecting the body layer. If I’m having her frown, then there would be another layer for the brows.




Green Main Wall

When the character painting is all done, it’s time to do the back ground, then throw everything in After Effects.

My story wasn’t set to be shot on just one flat back ground. I had to create a room, which means: 4 walls, a floor, and a ceiling. There a part where I got the camera move around as one of my character’s point of view. And there are scenes that the camera craned up and panned in another direction. You can’t shoot that on a flat background. It has to be on 3D mode. So I was paying attention with the setting a lot.

Screen shot 2012-08-28 at 8.47.00 PM

Like I always did, I had a great time making this piece of work, despite the fact that I slept only 4 hours during 4 days before due date and all I got to eat was bread and cold Mexican canned tuna because I didn’t have time to find food. Deadlines could be one painful thing, tell ya that.

I’m not used to painting digitally. So I was always struggling with it since I do not have my one painting style. At first I wanna make it realistic, a bit more sophisticate. But I figured it’d be more suitable for this project to be some sort of cartoon-y style. And I felt much more relaxed and I could really feel that I actually had more fun painting when I was relaxed.

I don’t know if you’ll ever notice where I might get my inspiration for set designs.

Well, here it is.

Don’t touch anything in the lab, ok?



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